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Monitor ie 3 http request in 1 synthetic monitor and only get alerted if all fails


If I have 1 synthetic monitor with 2 or more http requests, I would like to be able to only generate a problem if all fails, because they are part of a loadblancer, and I would like to get a warning if one of the requests fails.


I have 3 urls:


If all 3 fails I would like a problem generated


If only 1-2 of the 3 fails I want to see it as a warning but not a problem as everything is still working.

As it is right now I can only do it on locations.

So can it be put as an enhancement request ?




Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Can you do what you want with Custom events for alerting?

Create 3 separate HTTP Monitors. 

1) For 'warning' when only 1 endpoint fails, use either the global or local outage settings in the HTTP Monitors. See docs.

2) For the All down problem, create a 'custom event for alerting'. I tagged all three of my HTTP Monitors with 'HMA' and then used this metric expression to combine them. 

builtin:synthetic.http.resultStatus:filter(and(eq("Result status",FAILURE),in("dt.entity.http_check",entitySelector("type(http_check),tag(~"HMA~")")))):splitBy():count:auto:sort(value(avg,descending)):limit(100) 

I then set the static threshold to alert when the count went over 2. 



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