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Monitoring Cloud PKI API endpoints


For monitoring various APIs with the Synthetics, we need to have Accounts/Certificates to configure for access. As far as the Application/Service Accounts we can use within Dynatrace to configure monitoring like this,  we have a few questions:


  • With Application API's we can utilize AD or LDAP Service Accounts, but with Secret Server API it would require a Secret Server Application Account. Will we would need to create one specific to the Dynatrace solution, correct?
  • As for the CA APIs, they will require a certificate to be generated to provide access. We want to see if there would be a way we could automate the renewal/installation of the certificates generated for this monitoring?
  • But, we would need to get more information on how Dynatrace would utilize the certificate and how it is installed. If we can automate the renewal or not?

Please help us out...

Naveen Morisetti

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion


Dynatrace cloud automation with other third party tools like Monaco and others can be used to define the required SLO and automate the deployment.



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