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Pushing 3rd Party Synthetic Monitors to the API question


So if I understand correctly, you can use the API to push 3rd Party Synthetic monitors to the API.  Cool.  However, the documentation is extremely lacking in explaining how it works. 


For example, why is there a location list at the top of the payload if we have to then supply the locations per test in the test objects?  So my script will have to get a list of all the locations from the various tests being sent in the payload and summarize those at the top?  That makes no sense...

Also, how is the testResults element optional if the whole point of sending the payload is to send test results to Dynatrace?  Is it because you can send the payload without the TestResults object to just build the Synthetic tests in Dynatrace and then send future payloads with the results to update those with the latest metrics from the runs?


They really need to add more explanation in general in their API documentation because they tend to almost never explain what, why, and how their API works.  They give the bare minimum information it seems like.  Less than minimum really.


Community Team
Community Team

Hello @xtraspecialj ,
Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! I've passed it over to our documentation and synthetic monitoring teams so they can investigate it and introduce some improvements in the future. 🙂

Great, thanks so much @IzabelaRokita .  Yeah, just some more explanation on how exactly the calls and parameters work and why they work the way they do (like what purpose they serve), as well as more examples of different scenarios and use cases.  Written in a way so that someone with zero understanding can read it and get it.

Noted, thanks for some further details. We'll do our best! 🙂 

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