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Request timeout for synthetic monitor in Dynatrace

Hi all,

I want to monitor a slow page (response time >10s) with synthetic monitor in Dynatrace managed, but the request times out after 10s (Request timeout to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/ after 10000 ms).

Is it possible to overwrite this timeout for this peculiar monitor ?



Dynatrace Supporter
Dynatrace Supporter

@Jean-Pierre R. provided we're talking about private synthetic monitoring and depending on which monitor type you're referring to (wasn't specified in question), you can modify requests and connect timeouts used by your particular synthetic-enabled AG. This can be achieved by adding/modifying custom configuration files as below. There's however no possibility to overwrite settings per particular monitor.

Assuming default installation paths were used:

HTTP monitors settings


requestTimeoutInMs = 10000
connectTimeoutInMs = 5000

Browser monitors settings




me also facing the connection timeout issue in http and brrowser monitors can this issue be solved by increasing the time as you mentioned above?

DynaMight Advisor
DynaMight Advisor

Can anyone confirm if this discussion and proposed solution above are related to this configuration?




We have HTTP/HTTPS synthetic tests for which our company is ok with up to 120 second response times but this metric is causing a bunch of false alerts.   Yes, we increased it to 60 to take care of most issues but we need it to go higher.