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Scripts are not recorded


Hi Team,
I have a service account attached to our synthetic monitoring scripts.
It appears all the scripts mentioned above have 0% availability due to an HTML element not found error. When looking more into the tests, it appears the Active Directory Log In page appears on the first step, but in the scripts, I do not see steps for the log in. Are these the correct script names and are these scripts recorded correctly?
Can someone from the team help us?
Application details:
Application Name: Enterprise Search
AIM Application ID: AIM500000559
Service Account: svc.Srch.Dynatrac.E3
Script Names:
Launch and Search - Chrome Agent
Search - Content and Time and Pagination Filters - Chrome Agent
Search - People Cue Card - Chrome Agent
Search - Response Time Validations - Chrome Agent
Search - Look for Suggestions - Chrome Agent


As highlighted in the screenshot, request you to edit the Recorded clickpath tab in the Monitor settings menu as we can see the script event contains only the loading page and search page and the link provided takes you to the search page.

These scripts are not recorded properly, Kindly check it -->


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hi, for questions about specific scripts we recommend working with Support either on chat or via a ticket. Many thanks, Hannah

Synthetic SME and community advocate.

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