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Synthetic ActiveGates replicating themselves

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

For some strange reason, private synthetic ActiveGates that I have, replicate themselves once in a while. The existing one will disappear, open a problem, and a new AG will appear, I have to join this last one to the location for it to start measuring again. It seems to be related to restarts, or even upgrades. I have combed the logs, but with no success. Has anyone experienced such a thing before?

Antonio Sousa


Hello Antonio,

I faced this behavior once before, please make sure that the mac address and VM details is not changing during the restart or shutdown. that was the cause in my case.




Dynatrace Certified Professional - Dynatrace Partner -

I don't have reasons to believe that they are changing. I have similar locations in several places, and it really only happens in one location. But more than one factor might be playing here. I'll have to get the ActiveGate logs once it happens again. Fortunately, they are always in the same VM 🙂

Antonio Sousa

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

Witnessed the same thing. Good suggestion by Islam.
Didn't get a solution either, just a new entry. (For a moment I was thinking that maybe the token exchange changed, and the cluster therefor saw it as a new device.)

Kind regards, Frans Stekelenburg                 Certified Dynatrace Associate |, Dynatrace Partner

Good point, about the tokens. My feeling is that they might be related to upgrades... but haven't been able to prove it.

Antonio Sousa

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