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Synthetic scripts - metadata ?

Is it possible to get info who created script and who did last change ?

I think some kind of change/audit log would be fine to have in Dynatrace generally (e.g. for Application/service settings also - as they are not visible from top level views).


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

So there are two options in the UI. You can get the details of a synthetic monitor but it wont give you the creator, more so where it was created from, The API/UI etc...

Th other method is to use the audit log API. Here you can see who created it, edited etc... as well as when it was created.

Granted the audit log api has its limitations. Hopefully dynatrace improves the capabilities in the near future.


Great - will the audit log API possibilities 🙂

Thank you Chad !

You are very welcome @Josef S. If you can, give my RFE a vote to improve SaaS Audit logs:


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