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Testing and debugging http monitors


The http monitors contain the functionality to do multi-step requests. However the features for testing and debugging these appear to be quite limited at the moment. Let's say that you're building a monitor that's receiving a dynamic variable and then passing it on as part of the next request. You'll probably need some way to print the contents of the first response, so that you can formulate the next request correctly. And then repeat+modify the test until it executes correctly. However there's no way to playback/test the http monitor, like you can do with the browser monitors. Some kind of test bench functionality is desperately required - e.g. like you could do with Synthetic Classic / Gomez: you were able to replay the script and make changes until it works correctly. And you could also print stuff like variable contents to the runtime log of your test, seeing right away how your test is working and what needs to be changed next.

For http monitors, the only way to set these up is:

1. Schedule a monitor (that's possibly logging something on the ActiveGate)

2. Wait for the scheduled test to execute

3. When it fails, jump to the ActiveGate and look at the logs

4. Make a change in the monitor and schedule it again

5. Wait... etc.

Please do correct me if I've missed something here. If not, I guess I need to create an RFE..?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hi Kalle,

you're correct, this is an RFE. There are a couple for this already which are at accepted/ planned status. You can vote for them here and here.

Best wishes, Hannah

Synthetic SME and community advocate.

Thanks Hannah! I tried searching, but missed those RFEs... I wasn't probably logged in at the time, and that's why my search missed the Product Ideas forum 🙂

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