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Why no First Input Delay metric for browser monitor?


Im trying to create Core web vitals dashboards for our browser monitors, similar to the ready templates for RUM data.

But, there is no FID metric.  I cant understand why, since in documentation for RUM metrics it says:

For Chromium-based browsers, First input delay is measured using Google-provided APIs. For Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 9+, the metric is measured using a Dynatrace implementation that listens for events of type click, mousedown, keydown, or touchstart and calculates the delay from when the RUM JavaScript registers such events to when the events are triggered.

And the Browser monitor is chromium-based, right?  So why no FID metric since that is defined as one of the key web vitals metrics?  You have even pushed that in your blogs


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@holst if this is a required feature for your organization, the best way to get it implemented into the product is to submit an RFE which the PMs will assess and hopefully add to their roadmap.


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