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Wrong Screenshot on Synthetic Monitors page (Potential Caching Issue)



We are seeing that when looking at all our synthetic monitors on Dynatrace Synthetic, instead of having a screenshot of the actual page that is being tested we are getting a screenshot of the last error. See "screenshot 1" of 4 transactions showing the last error page (technically a maintenance page from overnight maintenance) but with 100% availability (!). This looks like this could be the last error within the last 24hrs.

I would expect that these icons would contain the page being tested as it is misleading to our users seeing error screenshots from outside the time range. When you click on one ("screenshot 2") you see that the tested page screenshot is shown not an error one.

Can this be amended so we see the tested screenshot on the summary and not an error page from another timeframe?


screenshot-2.png screenshot-1.png



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi @Jack G.,

Thanks for brining this up. We will have a look and improve this.

Kind regards, Philipp

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