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synthetic monitoring an application that passes through OKTA (http or browser synthetic monitoring)

Can anyone share your experience with me regarding monitoring synthetic URL's that sit behind OKTA Authentication? The authentication sends verification code to a phone number and I don't know how to capture that and place it into the monitor. Has anyone actually made this work?

If it were not a random code, a voicemail on a dedicated number could authenticate. Since it is a random code, that no longer will work.



I have been looking into OKTA, but from the HTTP monitor perspetive, and no 2FA. 2FA is always particularly difficult to script...

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Is there an API we could use to get the verification code from? If you have the code that generates the 'random' code, could we add that to a javaScript event to generate it through the script? Can the code only be sent to sms, could you use an a webmail account that you could check as part of the monitor?
Alternatively, if you are not specifically testing that 2FA works can you add something into your application that checks for our User Agent string and if it's included skips the 2FA.