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translating the parameter tab within postman to an http synthetic


I have an API file transfer http post running within postman.  I have two questions out of this.  


1. Within Postman, there is a parameter field.  How can a synthetic http be configured to include the parameter field.  In this scenario, it is on the parameter tab and the key value is [Type: Media]


2. POST doing a file transfer, where to store the file:

background: Postman | Body | has form-data which links to a text file I have on my local drive.  I was able to alter that to an embedded postman, however the size of the original text to post is large.  Does a synthetic http have the ability to reference or contain external files or large amounts of data such as a 10 page txt file.  I was able to get around it this time by creating the value within the post body>value.  In the future, that data file might be critical to the request.  




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

You can only put the data in the body unfortunately. File uploads for synthetic tests are not possible and there is no plan currently to implement them.


The parameters you use in postman just get appended as query parameters. You can add them to the URL of your http monitor e.g.: https://my.domain.tld/request?param=value

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