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In transitioning the Dynatrace Synthetic Recorder to MV3, JavaScript injection is now based on the Fetch API protocol.

If you've enabled Capture performance metrics for pages loaded in frames in Advanced setup of browser monitor settings, you might notice that XHR actions for third-party iframes (iframes loading domains other than the main domain) do not show up in the waterfall.

To capture XHR actions from third-party iframes, enable disable-site-isolation-trials in chromiumStartupFlags in browser monitor script mode—see the code snippet below. (The default value of disable-site-isolation-trials is false.) Read more about this flag in Chromium documentation.

Important: When you enable the disable-site-isolation-trials flag, be sure not to overwrite any other flags in chromiumStartupFlags (for example, disable-web-security or ignore-certificate-errors), but you can change their values.

    "configuration": {
        "chromiumStartupFlags": {
            "disable-web-security": false,
            "disable-site-isolation-trials": true

Refer to Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring documentation for more information.

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‎28 Feb 2024 08:45 PM
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The following flag is by default appearing in all scripts in my environment: "disable-web-security": false ... I assume this is why this fix still doesn't work for me, because it is overwriting.

Even when I try to manually remove this flag from a script, it immediately gets added back in. How would I stop that flag from automatically being added?

Thank you!

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

@thecutch22 you need to have both, please try

    "configuration": {
        "chromiumStartupFlags": {
            "disable-site-isolation-trials": true,
            "disable-web-security": false

If you want to enable disable-web-security instead, you should use "

disable-web-security": true