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Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

If you use Calico to handle or restrict network connections, you might experience connectivity issues, such as:

  • The operator, webhook, and CSI driver pods are constantly restarting
  • The operator cannot reach the API
  • The CSI driver fails to download OneAgent
  • Injection into pods doesn't work

If you experience these or similar problems, use our GitHub sample policies for common problems.


  • For the activegate-policy.yaml and dynatrace-policies.yaml policies, if Dynatrace Operator isn't installed in the dynatrace namespace (Kubernetes) or project (OpenShift), you need to adapt the metadata and namespace properties in the YAML files accordingly.
  • The purpose of the agent-policy.yaml and agent-policy-external-only.yaml policies is to let OneAgents that are injected into pods open external connections. Only agent-policy-external-only.yaml 
  • Injection into pods doesn't work
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