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Dynatrace Guide


Many times users complaint about the Host details which are missing or not showing in Database services. Question is “Why it should show?” or “Why it should not show?”.



Database services are detected/determined based on the calls that are being made by several services within the application call hierarchy. Dynatrace doesn't consider methods, but rather commits, queries, and modifications related to your database services. Database calls that are made through monitored Java, .NET, PHP and Node.js processes are monitored automatically as long as the interaction with the database relies on a supported database framework, such as JDBC, ADO.NET, or PDO. When OneAgent is installed on the host that runs your application server, Dynatrace ensures that all database statements are logged, as long as deep monitoring is active for the calling processes and the database request is appended to an existing PurePath® distributed trace. (



Let’s see some solution to this problem:


  1. For Database to show Host related information in Properties, make sure to install Oneagent in that Host which has database running.
  2. You can also have an Active gate extension connecting remotely to your database server.
  3. Even after installing Oneagent in host where Database is running, you still see a message (host_unavailable) in database properties as below:


  • Check whether host name and port number if they are being read by “sqlhosts” file. “SQLH_TYPE=FILE;SQLH_FILE=/deployments/config/sqlhosts
  • If yes then the OneAgent cannot access local configuration files. Thus, the OneAgent cannot resolve the name of the host
  • You would need to check the JDBC connection string if the HOST name is visible in that and Oneagent can then capture the Host name value to display in Properties.
  • There is a mechanism for routing the connection where JDBC sensor of Oneagent should be able to extract the Hostname(DNS resolved) or by IP address from the JDBC connection String.


If any of the above scenarios doesn’t solve the issue, please reach out to Support to check it further.

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