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Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide


After configuring log collection for AWS Lambda, the log exporter prints errors saying that log ingest is disabled or receives an HTTP 429 status code.


  1. Make sure you're using Log Monitoring v2.
  2. If you are using Log monitoring v2, check that your log events ingest limit is sufficient.
    1. In the Dynatrace menu, go to Settings > Internal > Indexed Log Storage Settings.
    2. Enter a reasonable value for Maximum ingest of Log Events (100000 is the default).
  3. If other troubleshooting methods don't resolve your issue, you can enable debug logging of the log collector.
    In your Lambda function's configuration, set the environment variables to the following values.
    Environment variable Value




    Alternatively, if you are using dtconfig.json configuration, you can enable debug logging by setting the LogCollection.LogLevel and Logging.Destination properties:
      ...other values...
      "Logging": {
        "Destination": "stdout"
      "LogCollection": {
        ...other values...
        "LogLevel": "debug"
    The log collector will then print debug logs to the Lambda function's log stream. You can view these logs in the CloudWatch console. Note that the collector will not send its own logs to Dynatrace.
    enabling debug logging should only be used temporarily, as it will generate a large amount of logs in CloudWatch, which may impact the performance of the function.
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