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The following steps will help clarify disk space requirements for oneagent upgrades.

This is how you can calculate disk space requirement for upgrades of oneagent in case your personal use case does not match the documentation provided on Dynatrace public documentation on disk space requirements.

Please note that due to the code change and improvements, the installer file size will change more or less each time a new version is available. 


Start with the "installer file size" for next upgrade.

Let us take it for example: 80 MiB (The installer file that has been downloaded)

"Size of the installation process" will be= 3 * 'Installer file size' + 360 = 3*80 + 360 = 600

(here 360 is the size of installation (with temporary installation files removed)

Additional space required for upgrade is calculated as:

("installer file size" + "size of the installation process") * 1.1 = (80+600) * 1.1 = 748 

You can add extra ~ 10-12 MB to be on the safe side.

Now, for a problem free upgrade you will need around ~ 760 MiB

Please note the difference between "installer file size", "size of installation", and "size of installation process". 

Please get in touch with Dynatrace Support in case you have any more questions. Thanks!


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DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

it will be very useful 😉