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Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide


Users find it difficult to add F5 Extension in a Management zone. They find it difficult it difficult to see the F5 instances in a Host which is linked to when selecting a Management zone.


There are few points to consider.

  • F5 Extension is running on Extension V2 which only shows Metric related information of the Entity.
  • All these metrics are part of different POOLs, Instances, Virtual servers & Network Interface.

Every metrics will have some common Dimensional rules which will basically help in setting up management zone based on the requirements.

Lets see some solutions to it –
Scenario 1:

 If you want to have the F5 Extension data(POOLs, instances, Virtual servers, interfaces, etc) to be visible in a Management zone you would need take below steps:
     1) To include all the entities in a Management zone, create a Tag rule by using Entity selector and type as below. This tag rule will be applied in all the entities in F5 extension.


    2) Now go to Management zone rule for which you want to assign the F5, create another Entity selector using below command
type(CUSTOM_DEVICE),tag(“key”) or use the Monitoring Entity see below example screenshot


      3) This is another important rule that is required, without this you won’t be able to see the metric data in the Management zone. Basically you need to add DIMENSIONAL Rule to detect the metric information which will work based on the above two rules.


4) All the above rules are required to work properly in order to view all the entities and its metrics.


Scenario 2:
- If you want to configure specific entities to a management zone. For example, you only want to show POOL details for a specific Management zone then you just need to add below rules

  • In the existing management zone, create a rule and select Entity Selector
  • Create DIMENSIONAL rule as below
    DIMENSION 'dt.metrics.source' equals 'com.dynatrace.extension.f5'
  • This will only show metric data for the entities in a Pool.


Here are some options that you can try and implement it for F5. Similarly, for other extension like Oracle DB, etc can use the same options.


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DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Thank you:) Just what I needed on one of my projects!

Hero 🙂