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Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide

Self Service Summary

In most cases, this is due to the original problem associated with the problem notification being merged into a primary problem, e.g. Multi-application problem.

Dynatrace Davis AI merges problems if it finds two or more problems sharing the same root cause.
Most merges happen before a problem is even raised; however, in some cases, a merge happens after a problem was already opened.

Once it is merged, the original problem will be identified as duplicate and then Dynatrace will assign one as the primary problem and hide the duplicate problems from the web UI.


Issue Solution Tasks Alternative(s)
I can't find the problem associated with the problem ID mentioned in the problem notification. It has been merged into other problems after the notification is sent out.

Follow the steps mentioned below.

Raise a support ticket.


If you want to find out which problem card it has been merged into, you need to identify some key information.
1. Identify the monitored entity mentioned in the notification.

2. Examine the alerting profile associate with the notification.

3. Determine the time window based on when the notification has been received.

4. Look for any multi-level problem opened with the monitored entity in interest included. 

If you're still concerned, contact the Production specialist via in-product chat.

Please share the key information mentioned above, along with the Problem ID.


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DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I have run into this a few times, thanks for sharing!