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When Dynatrace-monitored servers aren't showing up in the CMDB, verify the following.

  • Host synchronization is being executed as scheduled.
    1. In the Service Graph Connector, check for Dynatrace Observability > Scheduled Data Imports.servicenow-service-graph-connector-menu.png
    2. Check the cadence (for example, Daily) for SGO-Dynatrace Hosts.

    3. Select SGO-Dynatrace Hosts to check that the executions are taking place, as shown below.

  • In the same way, check for other entities—processes, process groups, etc. 
  • The Dynatrace URL and API token have been correctly entered in the Setup (Basic section) of ServiceNow.servicenow-setup-basic.png

For more information, refer to ServiceNow documentation on the Service Graph Connector for Observability - Dynatrace. Also check Send Dynatrace notifications to ServiceNow in Dynatrace Documentation.

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