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Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Some applications require our JavaScript agent to run after other native XMLHttpRequest wrapping scripts have loaded (i.e. SAP Fiori). It is also possible a user is running certain Chrome extensions (i.e. LastPass, Requestly) which also wrap the native XHR prototype before our javaScript code is injected.

In such cases, our Basic XHR wrapper will be loaded afterwards, and will have to wrap these already "custom" wrapped XHR objects. This may lead to unexpected conflicts, as it is completely dependent on the previous wrapper's implementation, as opposed to the native API provided by the browser.

You have 2 possible solutions for this issue:

1. Go to Application -> Settings -> Injection -> Injection and define custom injection rule so that our JavaScript agent code should be injected earlier than other scripts.

2. If this is not an option, please go to Application -> Settings -> Capturing -> Async web requests and SPAs and enable Use Proxy API for XHRs. This option is available from Cluster version 1.238.

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‎28 Feb 2024 01:31 PM
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DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Great Write up @kanako_sato. I also have had issues with XHR enablement on apps, I appreciate these troubleshooting/tricks that we should leverage.