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Dynatrace Organizer
Dynatrace Organizer

Your logs might be prevented from appearing on the server if:

1. Over 200 rotated log file groups are detected for a process.

Dynatrace detects a rotation scheme for log files and reports all the log files in the detected scheme as a group under one name, which typically maps to many files on disk. A large number of rotated file groups typically means that Dynatrace did not recognize the rotation pattern correctly and reports each physical file separately as a group. After a total of 200 reported rotated log file groups is reached, autodetection is turned off for this process. To resolve this issue, you can:

2. The files are growing very quickly.

When a log file grows very quickly (at a pace of over 10 MB/s), its content might be skipped. OneAgent will continue to send the log file as long as both the network and the server can handle the load. Note that 10 MB/s with typical compression is approximately 10 Mbps of upload traffic.

3. The file name or path doesn't match typical log naming.

OneAgent checks whether logs match a file name and path pattern that is typical for log files. If there is no match, the file is not reported and sent to the server. This is needed to avoid false positives on detection of files as logs, and to prevent pulling non-log data from hosts. To remedy this, you can set rules in the OneAgent configuration, AutomaticFile property (see Log Monitoring configuration (Logs Classic)).

4. There are symbolic links in the file or the paths.

This limitation applies to custom files that point to a path that contains symbolic links. The physical path of the file pointed to by a symbolic link must meet the criteria for a log. Otherwise, symbolic links could be used to read non-log data from a host.

5. The file size is below 500 bytes.

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