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Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide

Database calls that are made through monitored Java, .NET, PHP and Node.js processes are monitored automatically as long as the interaction with the database relies on a supported database framework, such as JDBC, ADO.NET, or PDO. When OneAgent is installed on the host that runs your application server, Dynatrace ensures that all database statements are logged, as long as deep monitoring is active for the calling processes and the database request is appended to an existing PurePath® distributed trace. As soon as the first calls to your database are monitored, the Databases page is updated with the new database entry.

Points to check before raising a support ticket:

  • Is such process deep monitored ? can I see services detected ?  {Yes/No}
  • Which driver is used to make the calls? Is it a supported one ? {Yes/No}
  • There is an instant traffic being made to the Database by the monitored service ? {Yes/No}

If the above points has been verified , please raise a support ticket including the URL of the entities in question in addition to OneAgent diagnostics archive .

Resources & URLs

Supported Database frameworks:  

Dynatrace support center 

How to collect OneAgent diagnostics archive


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DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Thank you @akram_elkhangy for this troubleshooting article. Databases can be tricky with how they are observed and monitored in Dynatrace.