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Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

The Create Issue workflow action requires some of the Jira fields—such as ProjectIssue type, and Summary. However, not all required fields for a Jira project are known by the workflow action, so creating a Jira issue may fail. Currently, this workflow action does not support a customized issue creation page. 

What fields are required could be different from one Jira instance to another. Currently, the easiest way to find out what fields are required is to open the create issue dialog on the Jira instance for which you want to create a workflow. The available input fields can change based on selected project and issue type. On the Jira side, you should see red asterisks for the strictly required fields.

Even with all mandatory fields provided, it is still possible for a workflow execution to fail. For example, a connection token could be expired or the result of an expression could result in invalid input.
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