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Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor
  • Verify if you have a resource of the resource type you want to monitor in your account. You can check if an entity of this type is reported in Dynatrace.

  • Verify the charts in AWS CloudWatch with Dynatrace e.g. Data Explorer.

  • Make sure you compare data with the same resolution in AWS and Dynatrace (for example, one data point per minute, 12:43-12:44). We recommend that you compare data with a one-minute resolution whenever possible.

  • Make sure that you compare granular data split across as many dimensions as possible.

  • Make sure that you compare the same type of aggregated data (average with average, minimum with minimum, maximum with maximum).

  • Check aggregation functions. If the detailed data shows no discrepancies, you can assume that the underlying data from AWS was imported correctly. Any differences observed when viewing less detailed, aggregated data can result from the method used to group the data over time (SUM/AVG/MIN/MAX) or over dimensions (for example, merging data from multiple combinations of dimension values into a single data point).

    • Example 1: Five data points representing a one-minute period can be aggregated into a single data point for a five-minute period.

    • Example 2: Data from various regions (such as "region=east-us, responseStatus=400", "region=west-us, responseStatus=200") can be combined into a single data point representing the total number of responses across all regions.
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