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Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide


I can see that disk usage differs between the cluster nodes, and I want to know why it is not equally distributed.
For example,

  • Node1 (id=1) current disk space usage: 70%
  • Node2 (id=2) current disk space usage: 60%
  • Node3 (id=3) current disk space usage: 50%


That is because the data is distributed based on the number of shards and not necessarily by the size of the data itself. 
For example, in the multi-node cluster, we can see that the number of Shards distributed is ~61 across all the nodes, but the Used Disk value is different.


Apart from that Elasticsearch does not actively re-balance the data if the watermark thresholds set inside Elasticsearch are not "violated".
watermark.low = 85%, watermark.high = 90%, and watermark.flood_stage = 95%

For more details, read:


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great write up to a common question. Thanks @jonghpark