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Looking to upgrade from Dynatrace Managed to SaaS? See how

GCP Cloud to SaaS migration


We are using DT managed to monitor our env which is hosted in GCP. Now we are planning to migrate it to DT SaaS.

I have few doubts :

1. Is it mandatory to have Active Gate for the communication between Agents in GCP and DT SaaS ?

2. If yes, where will it be hosted ?

3. How can we do SaaS based monitoring without Active Gate ?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

1. ActiveGate is required to transfer metrics from hosts you monitor to the Dynatrace cluster (currently in GCP). You you have a connection between monitored hosts and our SaaS endpoints - ActiveGate is not required - but recommended as that'd be a single point of contacting with Dynatrace SaaS.

All hosts that are to be monitored need to be able to send data to the Dynatrace cluster. Depending on whether your Dynatrace environment is a SaaS or a Managed deployment, and depending on your network layout and security settings, you can choose to either provide direct access to the Dynatrace cluster, or you can set up an ActiveGate.

2. ActiveGate then should be hosted within your datacenter in a network area you have a connection to Dynatrace cluster and monitored hosts can reach it.

3. As mentioned, you don't need AG - depends on networking.

Anyway... ActiveGates cover a lot of more use cases than just routing the data.

Senior Product Manager,
Dynatrace Managed expert

Thanks for the update @Radoslaw S. Do you recommend using Active gate or NAT Gateway ( we are using it in our setup)

These are my thought

Nat Gateway :

Already Setup

No need to have any maintenance as we are using GCP service

Already have West NAT Gateway

There is no such dependency

Setup for Dynatrace SaaS is comparable easy

We are already using NAT Gatway for Splunk SaaS services.

Not seeing any downtime or issue with Splunk connectivity via NAT Gateway

Active Gate

Required new Setup

Need to have Maintenance for VM like - OS patching, Hardening, image backup etc.

Need separate VM for West region for DR

There is dependency to keep up the Active Gate VM , data loss may be there if VM got hung or down or restart

Bit difficult

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