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Looking to upgrade from Dynatrace Managed to SaaS? See how

Is this possible and what is the effort required in cluster migration from Managed to SaaS and Vice versa?


Who has ever migrated a managed cluster from Managed to SAAS or from SAAS to Managed.


Is this possible and what is the effort required?


Does Dynatrace provide this capability?


This would be a good capability since we have clients already on Managed deployments and have a corrupted or inconsistent infrastructure and down the line they feel a need to shift to SAAS or vice versa

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DynaMight Guru


I do not know of any such migration. Heard only rumours about it. It would not be impossible, in my opinion, given how similar the two solutions seem to be, but would probably need significant Professional services. And it's going to get more difficult with Grail.

In any case, this is something that you should check with your account manager.

Antonio Sousa

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Depends on how much you need you historical data. 

If you can live without it, you can copy most of the configuration via API and copy the few that require it manually. Then you can reconfigure the agents to report to the new environment.


It's quite doable, you loose all the historic data though. 

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Dynatrace Guru

The effort of upgrading to SaaS varies depending on the size of environment, complexity, components and your team skills and size. Selecting the right approach to upgrading to SaaS is critical. Based on the current use of Dynatrace managed, the scope of the upgrade should be identified, the existing Dynatrace environments should be cataloged and evaluated, and a first plan of what must be upgraded should be created.

Assess the scope of upgrading to SaaS

The high-level scope of the upgrade should be identified, including a list of components that must be migrated. The SaaS upgrade may be an opportunity to optimize the Dynatrace platform and reorganize components.

Data can still be accessed in the Dynatrace Managed cluster

Monitoring data can't be migrated to SaaS. However, the Dynatrace Managed clusters can be operated in parallel if access to historical data is required. This may require running dual Dynatrace and Managed licenses. Please reach out to Dynatrace support for further assistance.


Understand the effort required for upgrading to SaaS and assess your capacity and capabilities:

Assess the effort that might be required and the skills and resources needed to execute the upgrade. This starts with cataloging and evaluating the environment and identifying the configuration items that must be migrated. Furthermore, cataloging and reviewing the Dynatrace components configured or deployed across your environment makes it possible to determine the preferred approach to upgrading to SaaS.

Dynatrace components that must be moved to the new Dynatrace environment are:

  • OneAgent instances (such as hosts, PaaS, and Kubernetes/Openshift)
  • ActiveGate extensions
  • OneAgent extensions
  • External or custom sources
  • ActiveGate instances (routing traffic, monitoring cloud environments, monitoring remote technologies with extensions, synthetic monitors, zRemote module)
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DynaMight Pro

Any ball-park figures of a SaaS migration, by a reasonable experienced Dyna team would be appreciated 🙂

Kind regards, Frans Stekelenburg                 Certified Dynatrace Associate |, Dynatrace Partner

It's really hard to give any ballpark figures. I've seen customers doing it over the weekend for <1000 hosts together with configuration migration, and I've seen customers being cautious and extending the effort to months. 

It depends on how complicated your configuration is, how many credentials are needed to re-set up, how quickly you can restart applications, etc.

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