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Migrating process-group detection rules

Community Team
Community Team

What's the best practice for migrating process-group detection rules?

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Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Dynatrace detects which processes are part of the same process groups using a default set of detection rules. Simple process-group detection rules enable you to adapt the default process-group detection logic for deep-monitored processes via Java system properties or environment variables.


We recommend utilizing Configuration-as-code to migrate process-group detection rules. 

Evolved from the Monitoring as Code CLI (aka Monaco), we provide Observability and Security as Code to fully automate the configuration of the Dynatrace platform at any scale - from automating the configuration of all your Dynatrace environments to meeting specific demands for individual ones. Read more here:

How to?

Using Configuration-as-code, you can either download and deploy all configurations or focus on process-group detection rules configuration. In the simplest scenario it could look like that:

1. Download your process-group detection rules:

monaco download [manifest/direct] [args] --specific-api builtin:process-group.simple-detection-rule


2. Validate configuration files and skip deployment. It will check whether your Dynatrace configuration files are valid JSON and whether your tool configuration yaml files can be parsed and used:

monaco deploy --dry-run


3. Deploy configurations to the environment(s) defined in a given deployment manifest file.:

monaco deploy


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