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Looking to upgrade from Dynatrace Managed to SaaS? See how

Upgrade to SaaS by myself

Community Team
Community Team
  1. Can I upgrade to SaaS myself? How easy is it?

  2. What toolkits are available, and where and how can I access them if I upgrade to SaaS myself?

  3. Does Dynatrace has dedicated services to help me upgrade to SaaS (e.g. coaching session, best practice advice)?

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Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

First of all, we'll never leave you alone! Upgrade to SaaS, get on board with the latest Dynatrace innovations and start your journey with us immediately. 


Can I upgrade to SaaS myself? How easy is it?


Yes, you can! Dynatrace is highly motivated to make the upgrade to the SaaS process as frictionless as possible so you can do it on your own or with your team. The effort and complexity of the upgrade depend on how large your monitoring environment is and your expertise level. Dynatrace supports you with guidance, tooling, and assistance.


What toolkits are available, and where and how can I access them if I migrate by myself?


To get started, plan and execute your seamless upgrade to SaaS with our step-by-step guide. You'll find all the necessary information to make the upgrade successful and complete. Additionally, it's worth highlighting that you can also:

  • Ask questions via in-product assistance chat to our experts from Dynatrace ONE team
  • Leverage the knowledge of others who passed this journey and ask questions at this community forum
  • Utilize the Configuration-as-code tool to automate configuration migration

At some point, you'll have to decide on the migration approach – self-service or assisted by Dynatrace ACE Services.

Does Dynatrace have dedicated services to help me upgrade to SaaS?


Dynatrace offers different levels of ACE service engagements - a tiered paid service ranging from advisory sessions to total enterprise custom-level engagements. The Dynatrace Managed upgrade to Dynatrace SaaS service offerings is based on ACE Services’ extensive experience with various customer upgrades. It includes the methodology, toolsets, and best practices in successfully upgrading to the Dynatrace SaaS platform. Dynatrace offers different levels of engagement of our Dynatrace ACE Service team that helps during all phases of an upgrade:

  • Advisory Consultation, where Dynatrace experts provide a walkthrough of essential steps for a successful upgrade, including recommendations for supporting toolsets
  • A Dynatrace SaaS assisted upgrade, where Dynatrace Services Consultant(s) executes the SaaS Upgrade
  • An enterprise service migration, where Dynatrace Enterprise Services Consultants provide a customized combination of Dynatrace Services to provide an enterprise-level upgrade

If you want assistance from Dynatrace experts for upgrading to SaaS, please reach out to your Dynatrace ONE contact.

Senior Product Manager,
Dynatrace Managed expert

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