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🎥 What's New in Dynatrace - v1.282

Community Team
Community Team


In this episode, Berkan Akbulut @berkan_akbulut, Lead Technical Product Consultant at Dynatrace and Milos Pejic @mpejic, Technical Product Specialist at Dynatrace cover the updates from Dynatrace release 1.282: 

In the talk, we referenced many resources. See them listed below or get them and the video by navigating to our Dynatrace University: 
(Sign in to Dynatrace University. Select "On Demand." Select "Webinar Series" and click on the "Dynatrace Webinars Course." Select this video!
If you have questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Dynatrace ONE team: 

Additional links we discussed:
Notebook v282 - Playground environment: CLICK HERE 
SAML certificate migration: 
New DQL functions: 
Credential access extended and Dynatrace Apps: 
Updated information about vulnerable functions on process restart: 
Automatic alerting for High GC activity now also supports cloud-native Full-Stack scenario: 
New request attribute sources available for CICS/IMS: 
New settings schema for mobile app settings on an environment: 
Webhook URL obfuscation in problem notifications: 
Informational Davis events ingested more than a day in the future can be immediately queried: 
Problem feed productivity improvements: 
Increased default reporting limits for known single-server event contexts: 
Container entities created based on ActiveGate Kubernetes monitoring data: 

If you want to give Dynatrace a try, get your own SaaS trial: 
To watch more tutorials go to 
To access documentation: 
To get to the blogs: 
Visit the Dynatrace Community: 

Chapter List:
00:00 - Introduction
01:40 - Release notes 281
02:08 - SAML certificate migration
03:01 - New DQL functions
05:04 - Credential Vault
06:55 - Hands-On Platform
12:49 - Vulnerable functions on process restart
13:22 - Hands-On AppSec
14:33 - Automatic alerting for High GC activity
16:01 - New request attribute sources
17:36 - Hands-On Application Observability
20:27 - New settings schema for mobile app
21:01 - Webhook URL
22:04 - Informational Davis events ingested into future
22:55 - Problem feed productivity improvements
23:50 - Increased default reporting limits
25:03 - Container entities created based on ActiveGate Kubernetes monitoring data
26:45 - Hands-On Infrastructure
34:15 - Feedback and Resources

The recording is available also on the Dynatrace University: LINK

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Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

FYI - we updated the link to the Notebook on the Playground Tenant. Here is the correct link: 

@IzabelaRokita - would you mind also updating this link in your post? its the link for the Notebook v282! 


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Thank you for the link, Andy! I've replaced it in the post. ðŸ˜Š




Can you try this one?

Contact our DevRel team through


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It is in Support's section:


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