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API REST for problem with custom alert


Hi all.

I have a custom event for alerting, which I use for an alerting profile. My idea is to be able to consult the problems through the API:


but if I run this request in the returned json I don't have the event description, and that information is important to my company.

Can someone help me with this? In summary, I need to check with the API the problems that occur and see the description of the custom poison that triggered it.

Thanks in advance and greetings


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

The problem feed doesn't include everything, you can make a second call with a specific problem ID to get all of the details about the problem that are exposed through the API:

This would include everything you have to work with so hopefully that would have what you need.

Thanks JAmes.

But I need the information of the message that is sent to the receiver of the event.

i´ve try with:



Any idea how to do it ??


Jose A


Finally, the support team tells me that it is not possible to receive that information.

I have created this RFE

Thanks for your answer @James K.

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