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Add exception class and message to body email in error problem notification


I need to add exception class and exception message that caused failure rate increase when error problem notification triggered

Here is the default notification email that I received

Is it possible to add exception class / exception message in the notification email for error problem ?



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I dont think you can at this point in time. Are you sending these alerts via email or webhook? You can create a custom event for altering which you can add more information into the problem payload but i don't think it will fully satisfy your request.


Hi Chad,

I send the alert via email, is it possible ?

You can add in custom data but that data will be mainly static as it related to custom events for alerting both via Email and Webhook. 


An RFE would need to be submitted in order to have the exception included in the problem card/problem notification.


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