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Alerting - Entity selector for OS Service to MZ

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I have setup OS Service monitoring on a Host Group level.  I've manually applied tags to the services as I've yet to determine automatic tagging.  I wanted to inquire when adding a rule to the Management Zone how to create the entity selector to look for services across all hosts in the Host Group. 

I've attempted: Type("os:service"), fromRelationships.runsOn(type("HOST"), tag("Host Group"))

However, I see no services being picked up after replacing "Host Group" with my host group name.

I can create individual rules using - type(os:service),fromRelationship.runsOn(type(HOST),entityName.startsWith("Host Name")) - but this does not feel like a good way to go about it if I'm able to lop one rule and look for Host Group alltogether.

I'm still very new to Dynatrace, so this may be a very newbie question.  Attempted to read documentation, etc... using this as my last resort.  What's my best practice for adding a rule to find all OS Services in a Host Group?

Thank you.


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DynaMight Legend

That line of code was targeting Auto tags for Host Grouping, if you have manually made tags on each entity, you need to ensure that the tag is on the host and the syntax is identical, and maybe revise it to: Type("os:service"), fromRelationships.runsOn(type("HOST"), tag("Host Group:<YOURVALUE>"))


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ChadTurner, thank you so much for that info!  It makes much more sense now.  I was able to successfully set one rule for all hosts with a certain tag.  I really appreciate it!

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