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Alerting Profile and Problem Generation



I have a query regarding the alerting profile and problem generation in Dynatrace.

I have set a condition to receive an alert for "Availability" problems with a send delay of 5 minutes, meaning that I should receive a notification if a problem remains open for 5 minutes. However, I am experiencing an issue where problem cards are being generated even if the problem is open for less than 5 minutes. This is causing confusion as the alerting profile is not being assigned due to the problem being open for less than 5 minutes.

Can anyone please advise on how to fix this issue? The client does not want problem cards to be generated without the corresponding alerting profile being assigned.



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Since that is a synthetic monitor:

  • How is frequency configured?
  • How is outage handling configured?

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  • How is frequency configured? 5 mins
  • How is outage handling configured? 1 time. (I this this the point where needs to change to 5.)
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If you change outage hanling to 5, I think it would need 5 consesutive failures, it means, 5 x 5 mins = 25 minutes failing always.

You need to play with frequency and alerting profile delay for availability.

But you do not have a way to stop problem card is raised immediately, just it is not going to be matching your alerting profile until it is opened 5 minutes.

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Hi @tijust1 


The problem will remain opened, but it will  not be attached to any Profile if its not reaching the 5mn and with this way no alert will be sent.

There is no option to said, dont raise Problem (except the Maintenance Window): so even the problem is opened for 10sec (less than 1mn), it will appear in the Problem page.


Hope this is clear.


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@Malaik thanks, that make sense. i am clear now.


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