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Alerting on failed request to unmonitored host


Hi Everybody,

I am experiencing a strange issue.

I would like to define an alert on failed request (5xx) to an unmonitored host and I am asking if it's possible because the detected service is not the one I am monitoring but an unmonitored one with a service name like : unmonitored request service.

So when I want to define this alert, it's based on a service and I have to chose a Management Zone, but...yes but.. the unmonitored service of course is not in my MZ !

Does someone have already experiencing and solve this issue ?

TY for your time


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Jerome,

One way you can do this is by making a separate service of those requests to unmonitored hosts. You can create a separate service with the Service detection API. When you create a separate Service out of it - you can include it in your management zone or configure it like any other Service.

This blog post also includes an example.


There is also a way to create service for unmonitored hosts from the UI

When filtering with one or more of the request you will see under the ... at the top right corner option to create custom service 


Which will lead you to the follow page





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