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Alerts based on percentages

Is there any change that we would get the Percentages to Dynatrace in some point?

We would have certain cases where we would need to define the alert thresholds based on example Java Metaspace usage percentage and currently we can't do it with Dynatrace's default metrics.

Of course we could play around making a custom monitor for this kind of situation but is there any plan from Dynatrace to offer the percentages by default in the future and if yes, in which level.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Thats a very good question, So far i haven't heard or seen anything about it but you can always toss in a RFE/Product Idea that the developers can review and hopefully build into the platform for all of us to use 🙂


Took some time and I almost forgot it, but here is the Product Idea 🙂

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