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Anomaly Detection setting not visible under Process Group settings


I am trying to setup alerts on services/process java threads to watch for abnormality and trigger email alerts. I
saw the below mentioned reference links, but unable to find the "Anomaly Detection" settings on the process groups settings. Is this feature available in any specific Dynatrace version or is it based on any role settings.

I would like to trigger alerts based on the


  • Hosts -> Server
    (PROD) ->
    Processes -> Apache
    Web Server httpd -> Web
    Server -> Busy
    Workers : This should be always 150 and if it goes down, alert to be triggered


  • Hosts -> Server
    (PROD) ->
    Processes -> Tomcat
    Server Forms -> Worker
    Processes : This should be always less than 10 (usually its around 1) and if it
    goes above 10, an alert to be triggered




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Did you tried creating custom alert in Dynatrace Settings?

Anomaly detection settings are available for services, hosts and applications.


Regards, Sebastian

Thanks. This helps. Let me configure it and test if the alerts are getting generated.

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