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Dynatrace Managed Custom Problem Notification


We have sendquick app for SMS alerting which accepts attached HTTP Post format. Is it possible to use this for custom integration webhook & custom payloads.sendquick-api-guide-v29.pdf


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello, if your managed installation has access to this app it shouldn't be a problem.

"Entry": {
"tar_num": "+65912345678 "
"tar_msg": "Test json",
"tar_mode": "text",

You have to create custom integration on dynatrace, setup url to your app and add payload as in your documentation. You can used defined variables in this payload:


it says test successful....but cannot receive SMS.... when i tried using curl from dynatrace managed server i was able to get SMS ...attached screenshot....wondering what is missing

curl command used:-

curl --data-urlencode "tar_num=+6598154447" --data-urlencode "tar_msg=this is a test SMS " http://<sendQuick IP>/cmd/system/api/sendsms.cgi

I think it's related to configuration of the app. CURL is urlencoding SMS, from dynatrace you are using json payload that according to your documentation is supported but you have to check if it should be enabled somehow.

Try first send SMS via JSON using for example POSTMAN if your computer has access to this SMS App. If it will has any errors you will se what was wrong

fixed...seems JSON does not like + in the phone number...which we had to add %2B

Cool, I'm happy that you have working solution right now 🙂

Could you please share the script?


I think you need to setup a individual event layer here. Payloads will give subject and body of the message only. Please check with event layer.

The problem is not defining alerts but integrating this SMS service with Dynatrace. First this integration with test passing should send sms, after this alerting profile and events can be setup.