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Can you create a custom alert for a metric and applied it to multiple dimensions?


We have a JMX plugin that is importing metrics from JMS and is splitting them by queue name, and we only need the alert for some of them. Can we define multiple queues (dimension) on the same alert?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

If you are asking about the "Custom events for alerting" feature, I think it's not possible. For dimension based alerts, you need to specify the dimension (no rules such as matches or begins with are possible). Thus you will need to set up a separate alert rule for each dimension (queue name) you need.

But this sounds like a good RFE candidate.

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Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Either you can alert on 'All' available dimensions, this is the default in custom alert config screen or you can select one specific dimension. If you need to alert on more than one selected dimension you have to create a second configuration.

Hi Wolfgang,


We are monitoring a JMS service with 700 queues. So I suppose I'll then just create 700 custom alerts, wish me luck! 🙂 Nah, I guess I need to think about some other solution... I wonder if Monaco would help here? I would somehow need to populate the values for each 700 queues, though...

When defining the JMX plugin, I can split the data by dimension (by queue). But then I can't alert with the same idea. So I can monitor... but I can't alert. That's a shame.


Hey @kalle_lahtinen ,

Did you get any resolution for the query? I have the same ask. 

Thanks in Advance!




Sorry, it's been ages since I worked on that case... at least at the time I don't think the metric events could be split based on the dimension, and we had to follow the queues only via dashboards. However that was 3 years ago, and Dynatrace has gone through several major updates since then. It's quite possible that today it actually is doable. But I don't have any similar sample environment where I could test it at the moment, so I'm not certain of course.

Okay @kalle_lahtinen ,

Thanks for your quick response.

We have a scenario regarding queues where we have a the metric key created on jmx plugin and we want to be alerted whenever there's a breach in the threshold. However, creating over 150 custom alerts isn't feasible due to the static threshold.

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