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Cluster Updates disabled


Hi all,


We have asked for disabled the auto cluster updates in some customers due the last cluster releases 19x producing some impact and bugs, as some already know.


The point is that we have a customer that has received their cluster auto update message before to swith off the autoupdate feature. So we are unsure if the update will be applied or not in the scheduled date:

Anyone have some experience related?

Thanks in advance,





DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

From a managed stand point, we always had to delay it week by week, but It looks like they Updated where you can turn it off completely. Is there an option to set the upgrade date/time?


No, it isn´t. The time window only appears when the switch is turned ON. I hope the switch button will have priority over the mesage. But is looks a bit confussing, thats why I'm asking.

ahh yes, for us it never really refreshed. Lets say that it was set to update on Monday, but we want to move it to Wednesday, I would update the setting to reflect this, but that banner wouldn't necessarily update. So as long as you can confirm the setting on the CMC Update Page, you can close out and ignore that older expired banner


Thanks Chad, it makes sense.

You're welcome, its a very good question, and one that I had as well years back


DT1 just confirm us there is a bug in the UI. So, as you said, just close the banner and the cluster will not upgraded (fingers crossed).

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