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Environment wide Custom events for alerting in LARGE environment


Hi All,


We have specific standards to monitor specific technologies. For example, we need to monitor ALL of our Weblogic processes the same way for the builtin:tech.jvm.memory.pool.used/builtin:tech.jvm.memory.pool.max ratio. We need a way to enable this automatically for all existing and new Weblogic processes in our entire environment. Our middleware team needs an alert if this reaches a certain value.


We played with "Custom events for alerting" but with around 500+ Weblogic processes in our environment, we reach Dynatrace limits to handle this ("The number of metric dimensions in the last 24 hours exceeds the limit of 1,000. Please refine the entity scope or the dimension filters above or choose a different monitoring strategy.").


Is there a way to achieve this with Dynatrace ? What other "monitoring strategy" would allow us to achieve this without developing external scripts or multiplicating custom rules for each and every process types or management zone ? We understand that filters are available but this defeats the purpose of the requirements to have an environment wide rule.




DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I feel the title of this is a bit misleading as any custom event for alerting has the ability to be environment wide unless filters are added and the scope is narrowed. The issue you are experiencing is the number of allowed metric dimensions for the given entity. 


I would recommend putting in a RFE for Dynatrace in increase the number of dimensions over the 1K limit. 


Thanks Chad, duly noted, title changed. We're waiting a bit before requesting the RFE to see if there are other solutions out there to fit our needs.



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