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Events logs on Eks


HI. currently I'm getting metrics (CPU, memory) of the pods running on the stage and production cluster. I would like to implement events alreat to know when pods get restarted, failed. or back off on the cluster to get an alert about that Is that a feature dynatrice have? 


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hi @levi,


You have already shared a limited information. I hope your k8s cluster is already configured in DT similar to this cluster, if not please connect it. Kubernetes/OpenShift monitoring | Dynatrace Docs


At ... you can do additional configuration regarding the events. 



You can connect to the public or the local API endpoint of the cluster, in this example in the local one because during the dynakube install an active gate pod can be deployed. In this configuration page you can define the collected events types. Important log monioring v2 should be enabled, you can find the requirements of it in the documentation. 




After you done it, you can create log metrics (from the evenets):





Here is an example for backoff:




Then you have a metric (at least one metric point should be recorded after that you can browse this metric in the Metrics or Data explorer) which can be use for create a custom events alert. 


I hope it helps. Have a nice day.


Best regards,



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