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Frequent issues

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We had a production issue with a host, but It was not alerted because these kind of problems are Frequent Issues by Dynatrace.


It says: 

"Dynatrace reports recurring problem patterns as "frequent issues." Alerts are sent out only if severity increases."
Can you please advise if there is a way to disable this feature?

Hey, perhaps this is what you want to look at?


Just go settings-> anomaly detection - frequent issue detection.


Over there has three button for you to toggle/switch.

Thank you for your reply! 


Has someone here tried it?

Basically what I want is to disable this "Frequent Issues" option, so when DT will detect an issue it will alert in normally. 

I just want to make sure that if I disable those three option it will affect only this 🙂


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It will affect the whole environment, not just that host.

Not sure if this helps, but there's also the option to reset the baseline within a service (vs applying to whole system). 


Service -> Edit -> Anomaly Detection




Thanks! I didn't know it, good to know


Detection of frequent issues is quite an interesting topic, and has tricked me sometimes in the past. It is especially tricky when a problem appears in the "middle" of the problem. Seems confusing, and it sometimes is. I would recommend reading the following (several times):

In the end, it's an interesting solution to alert spam, but you have to understand it...

Antonio Sousa

Thanks for the reply! I will sure investigate it a bit more as it is a complicated issue indeed.