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How can I have a problem opened for shutdown of Azure VM?

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

I have two hosts. One on VMware, another on Azure VM.

If I have my environment set to "alert on graceful host shutdown", then stopping the VM on VMware will cause a problem to be opened.



If I stop the VM in Azure Portal, no alert is created. Only the message OneAgent stopped for 2 minutes appears in the host view.



Why is this? I need to see problem generated for Azure VM being shutdown, regardless if graceful or not.

Andrew M.


make sure the detection settings are the same for each hosts. Sometimes these are also set at the HG level or the Global Level. We are always alerted when a host gets shutdown. Also there might be a bit of a delay, even after 5 mins you don't get an alert? Is an alert raised in the UI? 


Hi @ChadTurner , settings were correct, and it wasn't missed due to delay.

There's an explanation that actually Azure VMs will stop the OneAgent service before the OS shutdown signal could be caught and sent by OneAgent. Therefore, this just looks like an agent shutdown only to Dynatrace and it does nothing with those events.

I'd prefer if Dynatrace treated agent service shutdowns as "monitoring unavailable" events.

Andrew M.

You might need to put in a RFE for that then so Dynatrace can see about building in functionality for your request.