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How do you manually close a problem?


I modified a process group rule to open a new problem if any process becomes unavailable. The note at the bottom of the page says if we stop a process intentionally then we'll need to manually close the problem.

For some reason I'm not seeing how we can manually close problems.



Hey Tom,

I do not believe this feature is out yet. It is on the roadmap per this RFE here.



Thanks for the response. I'm assuming then an open problem would remove itself from the notifications after 72 hours?

You got it.

I think you could use the maintenance window feature maybe, but not sure if this applies.

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

If I am not wrong there is the possibility to close the problem (but only in this specific case) if you go to that process within the problem context. Then you will see a small button in the problem context top header that allows you to manually close the problem.

I'll look into this more today. I was trying to combine a few process groups by creating a process group detection rule. The issue is when we restart the processes they pick up the new name and Dynatrace creates a problem card for the old name. I could disable the "open a new problem if any process becomes unavailable" temporarily but it's kind of a pain to change this setting for 10 processes and then change it back.

Do we have an ETA for the RFE? Just in terms of within this quarter, next quarter, or next year type thing.

Edit: I did another test today and like you said I had to go within the process group and there was a Confirm and Close option.

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

But in general Ugochukwu N. is correct that we are working on a general feature to close a problem which is not available so far.


@Ugochukwu N. May I know the release date for this feature ?

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Thats still in the future, we are building that right now. Should be available with end of the year.

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