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How to automatic baseline alert on request attribute?


Far I know its using DDU, there available now?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

First you need to create a custom service metric based on the request attribute:
Once you have a metric, you can alert on it using custom events for alerting, which includes an auto adaptive baseline:

Hi Mike, so first i need create calculated service metric to based on request attribute and next create custom event alert and choose auto adaptive baseline than?

After that can we put into the dashboard?


You can put it on the dashboard right away after you created the service metric, but it will only start alerting on it once you also created the custom alert.

Hi Mike,

After i create attribute and calculated service metric, can i filter all values attribute ?

Because if i i see in configuration dimension it filter per values attribute not all values attribute or if not check the filter its capture all values attribute?

I show you the screenshot :


Indeed, if you don't filter on a specific one it will apply the alerting to all.

Oh i see mike,

means later, if there is an alert in one of the value attribute it will mention to thats attribute right?

not all attribute?

Yes, that is correct

Okay thank you Mike, best regard from me

Hi Mike,

Sorry i want to ask again related with this question,

After i reproduce it, the alert not mention one of the values attribute, but just like that

Can dynatrace capture information values attribute on custom event alert on Event Description


@Wolfgang B. I've seen the dimension splitting as part of the problem ticket. Is that only when entering a filter?

Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

The message field has a "secret" placeholder called {dimensions}, please try with that one.

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