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How to ignore GET WebMethod invocations...


Hi everyone.
We are using Dynatrace Saas, OneAgent version

We expose a webMethod in a public Network. Some customers execute a GET webMethod without parameters to see if our webMethod is alive (on line). The problem is Dynatrace detects this GET WebMethod invocation as an error. We asume that is because it does not have parameters.
This generates a lot of false alarm problems.

The URI of the GET Method and the POST Method are the same: /ocsp

The question is: Is there any way Dynatrace could ignore only GET Method invocations, considering GET Method and POST Method has the same URI?


Thanks in advance.


GET Methods are detected as erros. (That is not true)


GET Method PurePath: URI: /ocsp


POST Method PurePath: URI: /ocsp





As far as I know of such a possibility yet.

In general, I agree that this is a necessary function to be able to configure rules for the elimination of error detection based on the method or parameter passed (maybe need create RFE)

if in this case you have a unique exception, you can try to add it to the ignore list

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