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Include event description inside email notification

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We've created a custom event for a specific alert.

In order to ease the troubleshooting for our teams, we need to add some information that aren't present in the placeholder.

Is there a way to add the event description from a custom event the email notification ?


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DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

There are some dynamic placeholders for it but yes, you can put static data in there as well. For the placeholders give these a shot: 




Hello Chad,

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, the placeholders doesn't include the event so the teams can only see it by going on the problem. 

I've set up a metric event and it would be great to have the value of the metric when the alert is raised.



Hi @Danny-KRUOCH 

Note that you get notification when problem is open and this problem can collect more events over the time its stays open till it closed, events within problem can be open and closed after the notification is sent. Hence IMO send information about events when problem is being open can mislead you and it is better to see AD HOC which events are currently still open with in the problem.



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Hello Yosi,


Thanks for your reply. I agree with you, people should open the problem to see the events and all the information regarding the issue. Nevertheless, the application team I'm working wants to get the information without accessing Dynatrace because it's on a Managed Instance and they can't reach it easily.

Is there a way to do so ?


Thanks in advance.



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DynaMight Pro



As @ChadTurner said, you can create Static message and copy the same in the email body.


As you mention, as of now, there is now placeholder to reflect the event title or description dynamically.



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