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Locale problems when exporting data in XLS or CSV format


Using data that has '.' as a decimal place is a known problem in European countries, where ',' is the usual decimal place.

When exporting data in Dynatrace in CSV or XLS format, typically from Custom graphs, and importing it into a spreadsheet where the locale specifies that ',' is the decimal place, it is guaranteed that big problems will arise, and that in those cases where data has decimal places, then probably exported data will not be reliable.

I understand that there is no good solution here, and that Dynatrace doesn't support a different locale. Given this, I would ask how some of you might have workarround this, or some good best practices dealing with this issue?



In general, I don't think there is any workaround right now.
I just opened an RFE that should also apply to your case RFE - Honour browser locale for number formatting .


Interesting idea, Julius. Just voted, but not sure how Dynatrace can figure it out, given that only the language is passed by the browser...

There are not only languages, but also country identifiers (e.g. en-gb, en-us). I'm not sure how standardized this, but it is better than the current situation.